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Tapestries Counseling Center responds to Red Caboose Park Shooting

Tragically, one teen shot two others in our neighborhood park Wednesday evening. The Red Caboose Park is a fun, friendly place where neighbors gather for picnics, play dates, small concerts, food truck fun and weekly farmer’s markets.

Tapestries Counseling Center responds with the following:

The shooting is on all our minds; our hearts are broken, especially for the families, neighbors and friends of the victims and the first responders who were called into duty to witness this profound tragedy. They are all victims of a broken system, including the shooter.

With deep empathy for our community, we offer a free space to gather with a mental health professional. This is for families, neighbors and friends of the victims to gather, talk, listen and grieve together.  Unfortunately, this gun violence cannot be undone, so we need a safe place to express our overwhelming pain in healthy ways.

No registration necessary. No guns. 

Contact for Media Inquiries: Jeannie Ingram, LPC-MHSP at 

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